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We are your partner in health and wealth for your organization. We assist healthcare organizations listed as FQHC, RHC and/or CAH create a financially healthy company so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and community.

Through years of wholistic consulting, accounting services, and sourcing alternative funding, the JFS team has been able to provide their healthcare clients with the support that they need to flourish.

Working through the many intricacies of the unique revenue cycle, comprehensive patient care standards, and the ever changing regulatory environment are the key components in which the JFS team can support your organization with. 

In addition to these skills, we offer our clients full accounting support reducing stress in building an accounting team in the rural communities that you are working so hard to serve.

Our Health Care Solutions

Specifically tailored solutions built on years of experience assisting Health Care providers.


Financial Performance Maximization


Strategic Planning and Positioning


Support with Funding Opportunities Such As Grants


Cash Flow Management


Interim CFO Services


Tax Strategy


Accounting and Support Services


Our ideal client is a rural health clinic that is currently generating between 2 million and 7 million in gross patient revenue. This clinic has been in business and serving their patients for over five years and have established their insurance billing contracts and systems for Medicare and Medicaid reporting.

Currently, they are dealing with staffing shortages and having a small finance team that is causing their financial data to not be produced timely and they are running blind for cash flow. All that they can see right now is what is in the bank and it is not looking so good.

They are worried that they are not handling the new regulations appropriately, but have no idea where to turn or which of these issues is the first to tackle. With that being said, they also feel that the penalties for not complying will only mount on to the expenses that are going out the door. Without money coming in they are worried about their future.

They keep hearing about funding opportunities but have no idea where to maximize these or how to even go about applying. They also do not know what things they should be monitoring since they do not have good data to begin with. Overall they are just lost in data and nothing seems useful. 

JFS can help this client and do it well.

First, JFS would come and provide the necessary financial processes and procedures to get the client timely and accurate financial reports. This would arm management with the information that they would need to make quick decisions.

Second, once there was a clear understanding of cash flow in the entity, JFS would support in coming up with a cash flow projection based on current budget and spend analysis. Questions could then be raised on analyzing patient revenue, regulatory impact, and future reimbursement. The shortfall from that analysis could then lead to grant and gap funding conversations. Once that plan is developed JFS can then support the team in maintaining this process and supporting future growth goals for the organization.

Does this sound like you?