Budget, how to get your team engaged in the process.

Budget season is upon us and many facilities have a state deadline looming for filing. But, what really is a budget? How do you make this an engaging process and not just a required exercise for your organization?

There are so many opportunities to bridge the gap between your clinical team and the administrative departments and the budget process is one of those mechanisms. Patient care is a priority for your health care organization, we get that. So how can you leverage this drive to be a support in the budget process?

The first step is engaging your department leaders in one on one budget discussions. Ask them about their department goals for the next year. Have them share with you about their staff engagement and development programs.

By getting them to really link their goals to those of the organization will help when getting buy-in and support of the overall company goals and objectives. Lean times are ahead, but we do not have to compromise patient care as a result of that. 

This communication can then be shared across your organization. The budget process is permission to spend and capitalize on opportunity. So many employees look at it as a restriction and if the mindset can be changed to permissive growth and targeted performance, then the facility, patients, and employees all win.

If you would like more information about increasing your financial health of your organization, click on the link HERE for a free resource on ideas for gap funding solutions and the health of your business.

Let’s get your team engaged and your organization healthy.